Mentor-led computer coding youth club
for the community, for free!

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Coder Brixton encourages collaboration between under 17s attending our sessions, and people running our sessions, who work as programmers for a living.

We are free & open to any child wishing to attend! Mentors and champions volunteer their time while venues donate their space enabling our sessions to remain open & free.

Coder Brixton has just one rule: "Above All: Be Cool", bullying, lying, wasting people’s time and so on is uncool.

Coder Brixton operates very much like CoderDojo although we are not directly affiliated.

Due to demand, our spaces are limited, and we operate a simple ticketing system (which is completely free of charge).

What happens at Coder Brixton?

The Mentors

Gareth Shapiro

I am interested in how technology can make our lives better. For real this time.

Karl Freeman

As a self taught software developer I'm looking to "give back" in the way that I learnt originally. By sharing insight and showing the rewards of programming.

Graham Wright

I have worked as a computer programmer for almost 30 years and have always enjoyed coaching and mentoring. I now want to help grow the next generation of software developers.

Alex Garulli

I'm an Italian Front End Developer living in Brixton. Love my profession and the community where I live. I'd like to transmit all my passion for coding to kids. They're our future!

Yi Zhang

Now working as a developer specialized in prop trading platform, I was first fascinated by programming at age of 10 in a weekend computer club. I have wondered from China to New York and now to London, but coding remains my hobby and job. Hope to give back to the next generation of programmers.

Dave Hooper

Software developer by day, gamer and tinkerer by night, I've enjoyed programming since I was 7, because making things is fun and an incredible learning experience.

Support Us

Coder Brixton is organised and run entirely by unpaid volunteers. Our events are free of charge to all attendees. However we do have costs (equipment, room hire, snacks) and we can only succeed with the help of our supporters (thank you!).

Would you be able to donate a small amount of your time or money? Please get in touch or click one of the buttons below!

We really appreciate any donations sent to our PayPal account "[email protected]". 100% goes to Coder Brixton
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