Coder Brixton

Data Protection

The only thing we use your details for is running the events, such as contacting you regarding tickets and to provide you with information about the events, and for collecting anonymous statistics to aid our funding.

We will never share your details with any outside organisation or individual.

All contact with between the organisers and the attendees will be via the parents email address unless a parent specifically requests information is sent directly to the attendee.

It would be nice to be able to use photographs taken at the events. It is our policy to ask you before we publish them and to blank any visible names out. If for any reason you want any information or images removed please get in touch and this will be arranged.

We also operate a forum for discussion between events. Other than the mentors and the organisers of Coder Brixton, access is via a registration process available only to regular attendees and their parents - and we require that all parents create an account. Public access is limited to single topic containing registration instructions.

Coder Brixton