Sponsors and Support

2016 Annual Sponsor

Winton Capital

We cannot thank Winton enough for their support in 2016. Winton combines the rigour of the scientific method with advanced investment technology to invest in financial markets and they obviously recognise the value of home grown tech talent.

Simply put in 2016 Winton paid our rent and made it possible for us to provide healthy snacks at the sessions. While we'll never know more than they do about investing we are bullish about the return on their investment.

Thank you Winton, you are in a class of your own.

2016 Technical Partner


The Liferay Digital Experience Platform promises to Put people at the heart of your business and they put their heart into our project in 2016 donating a projector, laptop and Christmas presents to our young learners.

Thank you Liferay, we like your style.

Software Support

Coder Brixton is no different to any organisation. With great software you can be smarter and get more done. This is so important when time is tight and it's hard to imagine what life would be like without the support of these two companies who, let's face it, are so big they don't have to worry about small guys like us. But they do. We love you!