Coder Brixton

What We Teach

At our events, students learn about :


The older attendees, and those who have been coming for a while, learn Javascript. With this language it is possible to build interactive web projects, games, mobile applications and more. This is the programming language that web browsers use and there is a wealth of resources to draw on. We also create our own projects! It is free to use, easy to learn, just about everywhere and creating projects using it are easy to share with others.


HTML and CSS are used to build web pages. While not technically programming languages as such, when combined with Javascript they complete a set of skills that we feel are going to be common place for many years to come. These web technologies are free to access, not owned by any company, easy to learn and are the technology components of the web pages we use every day. We feel they offer a great way for young learners to get used to the context of programming, introducing concepts such as attention to detail, while remaining fun and visually rewarding.


PHP is used to power websites on the 'server side'. There are many languages that can be used to build server applications, and PHP is freely available and free to use. Web servers don't just run "on the internet" - we show how a web server can be run on the students own laptops. Server-side programming involves topics such as: networks, databases, scalability, error handling. We may introduce other topics here over time too.


We also support the students own interests in topics such as:

  • Python
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Java
  • Graphics
  • Games

A note aboute Scratch

Scratch is a 'visual' tool created by MIT in the US, designed to introduce young students to the basic ideas behind programming, such as conditionals, control flow, events, input/output. This tool is starting to become very widely used in schools and computer clubs around the world for those young people who are not quite ready to undertake lots of typing and prefer something that looks more like a game. There is also a very large number of Scratch resources freely available on the Internet. As a result, we at Coder Brixton do not focus on Scratch learning.